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June 3, 2021 | Volume No. 6 Subscribe
How is Blockchain Relevant for Enterprises?

As the original cryptocurrency, blockchain made some people very rich and spawned numerous imitators. Understandably, it fueled a mountain of hype about blockchain technology.

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MITA Applauds New USPSTF Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidance
MITA Applauds New Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidance

The United States Preventive Services Task Force established new colorectal cancer screening guidance that lowers the recommended age to begin screening for colon and rectal cancers from 50 to 45.

EBCI May 2021
Current and Future Conditions Pull Back but Remain at Expansionary Levels

Sentiment regarding current conditions appeared to take a breather this month after reaching a high-water mark in April.

Exro Partners with Vicinity Motor Corp. to Deploy Enhanced Powertrain into Next-Generation Electric Buses
Exro Helps Deploy Enhanced Powertrain into Electric Buses

Exro Technologies Inc. will supply its Coil Drive System technology, and Vicinity Motor Corp will conduct operational validation by deploying an optimized electric powertrain for electric buses.

NEMA Publishes Revision to Supply Chain Best Practices White Paper
NEMA Publishes Revision
to Supply Chain White Paper

The document identifies a recommended set of supply chain best practices and guidelines that electrical equipment and medical imaging manufacturers can implement during product development.

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