May 11, 2021 | No. 1

Welcome to the first issue of the NEMA Rail Electrification Council (REC) newsletter! The REC promotes the adoption of electricity as the main motive power of domestic railroad for freight and passenger transportation and use of railroad rights-of-way as pathways to electric grid integration and innovation. Since its launch, the REC has been quite active. Read more about its activities to date. 

Biden Administration Puts Rail Electrification on Track
President Biden’s “American Jobs Plan” represents a historic shift in transportation spending. The $2 trillion infrastructure plan, unveiled at the end of March, signifies an ambitious effort to change mobility strategies in America. Learn more about what this means for the industry. 

Railroads Can Help Unlock the Energy Future
The imperative to integrate and modernize our national electricity grid to accommodate competitive wind and solar plants, battery storage, microgrids and resilience measures, millions of new customers, and resurgent electric manufacturing is becoming clear. Will we do it? Read more.

Rail Electrification - Has This Train Left the Station?
The REC offers to be a forum within which its natural constituents (railroads, manufacturers, and power companies) can come to terms with how to adapt, strategically and pragmatically, to the changed circumstances being driven by economics, public policy, and advancing technology. Learn more. 

Amtrak's 50th Anniversary
The REC congratulates Amtrak on its recent 50th anniversary!

The next REC open meeting is this Thursday, May 13 at 1 pm Eastern. If you are interested in attending please contact Steve Griffith directly.