April 13, 2022 | No. 3  

The next open meeting of the REC is planned for May 17, 2022. If you are interested in attending, please register here.


Two indisputable factors drive the Rail Electrification Council’s (REC) focus on electric transmission development. First, the best, low-cost, renewable generation sites (in the North American interior) are inconveniently located far from the population load centers. Find out more.

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Impacts Rail
The U.S. Congress made a significant investment in the railroad industry in 2021. What will it mean going forward, and could it potentially impact rail electrification? One thing is sure: the new law translates into significant funding for rail improvements to enhance our nation’s rail network.. Find out more.

REC Support for the California High Speed Rail Authority
In a letter dated January 14, 2022, the Rail Electrification Council (REC) expressed support for the California High Speed Rail Authority’s (CHSRA) electrification project in the Central Valley. The CHSRA is responsible for planning, building, and operating the nation’s first high-speed rail system. The project will fundamentally transform transportation mobility in the state, spur economic growth, create a cleaner environment, preserve agricultural lands and natural habitats, and create thousands of jobs. Find out more.

REC Joins Electric Transmission Supporters Seeking Big Reforms
The FERC has pursued open and competitive wholesale power markets for a quarter-century, focusing most on the adequacy of the high voltage transmission system, which historically has been a patchwork of local, state, or regional networks. Find out more.

The Biden Adminstration Wants to 'Build a better GRID'
In response to Title I of the IIJA, the Department of Energy issued a Notice of Intent on January 12, 2022, (87 Fed. Reg. 2769) setting forth a broad initiative to support development of “nationally significant transmission projects and grid upgrades” to enhance grid resilience, improve reliability, and address climate change. Find out more.

The ESG Pathway to Rail Modernization
A recent McKinsey article was titled “How to prepare for a sustainable future along the value chain.” This is unusual because it talks about the value chain, not the supply chain. Find out more.

Guest Editorial, Nick Little, Acting Director of the Center for Railway Research & Education, Michigan State University

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