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Welcome to the first NEMA outreach newsletter for the Middle East and North Africa! These quarterly emails will give you the opportunity to stay up to date with the work that NEMA is doing for the electrical equipment and medical imaging industry and standards development, with specifically selected information that will be of importance to you. As many Middle Eastern and North African firms are partnering with American counterparts to develop infrastructure in the countries of the region, NEMA would like to help make these partnerships as unified as possible and give you the opportunity to use the information that NEMA can provide.

May issue of ei, the magazine of the electroindustryElevating Safety Where We Live, Work, Learn, and Heal

The May issue of ei, the magazine of the electroindustry deals with all aspects of electrical safety. Read about the effects of smart metering on the power grid, how intelligent devices enhance safety, and the goals of NEMA’s new Saudi Arabia Market Access Consortium.

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Electrical Safety System Workshop

NEMA works to create standards that promote electrical safety, and we are always looking for opportunities to share this knowledge. In February 2016, NEMA was invited to share the U.S. experience in electrical infrastructure safety with the Saudi Ministry of Water and Electricity (MOWE) at an Electrical Safety System Workshop in Riyadh. You can view NEMA’s presentation power point on the NEMA website.

Electrical Safety System Workshop

The Future of Energy Storage

A recent issue of ei, the magazine of the electroindustry addresses the critical role of energy storage in the next generation of sustainability. In Energy Storage: The Role Energy Storage Plays in a High-Renewable Energy Future, the author outlines recent developments in energy storage, the services in which energy storage can provide value, and the importance of energy storage to renewable integration as the world moves to address climate change more aggressively.

NEMA Standards

A critical part of NEMA’s role in the electroindustry is developing and publishing standards. In April 2016, NEMA published ANSI/NEMA WD 6-2016 Wiring Devices—Dimensional Specifications, which specifies dimensions for plugs and receptacles, and NEMA FB 2.40-2016 Installation Guidelines for Expansion and Expansion/Deflection Fittings, which recommends the proper ways to install fittings for expansion and contraction in electrical raceways. Both standards exemplify NEMA’s commitment to electrical safety throughout the electroindustry.