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NEMA Premium Efficiency Transformers Program

The NEMA Premium Efficiency Transformer Program will help utilities, commercial buildings, and industrial plants incorporate super high-efficiency electrical transformers into their operations. NEMA originally set the standard for the efficiency of various types of distribution transformers with the publication of NEMA TP 1-2002 Guide for Determining Energy Efficiency for Distribution Transformers, which was later adopted by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) as the national energy-efficiency rule for low-voltage dry-type distribution transformers. The new NEMA Premium Efficiency Transformer designation requires 30 percent fewer losses than existing DOE regulations (10 CFR 431) for low-voltage dry-type distribution transformers.

The transformers covered under the new program are typically used in commercial and industrial applications. However, some electric utilities are considering the NEMA program for their commercial and industrial energy-efficiency rebate programs. The adoption of this program will not only reduce energy consumption, but will also significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The new transformers, built to NEMA premium standards, have the potential to eliminate the need for a new coal power plant over the next five years. Actual efficiencies for these new premium transformers range from 98 percent to more than 99 percent, depending on the size of the transformer.

Eleven ​major manufacturers have committed to providing NEMA Premium Efficiency Transformers to the marketplace. These NEMA members are listed below.

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