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Education and Training

A well-educated and informed workforce is essential for ensuring that buildings achieve peak performance. The International Facility Management Association estimates that for every dollar invested in facility manager education, organizations receive a return of $3.95 in energy savings.1 Because of the obvious value of education and training, NEMA supports workforce development policies and encourages investments in training programs.

Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act

The Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act (FBPTA) was signed into law on December 14, 2010 thanks in part to strong advocacy from the NEMA High-Performance Buildings Council. The law requires federal building personnel – including those responsible for building management, operation, energy management, safety, and performance–to demonstrate core competencies, as laid out by the General Services Administration (GSA).

Current core competencies include:

  • Management of Facilities’ Operations and Maintenance
  • Performance of Facilities’ Operations and Maintenance
  • Technology
  • Energy Management
  • Safety
  • Design
  • Sustainability
  • Water Efficiency
  • Project Management
  • Business, Budget, and Contracting
  • Leadership and Innovation
  • Performance Measures

NEMA, in cooperation with the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, the National Fire Protection Association, and the Electrical Safety Foundation International, developed the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act Industry Training Resources website to help federal building personnel meet the core competencies laid out by GSA. For more information about the FBPTA and how to comply with it, please also visit the Facility Management Institute website.

1 www.ifma.org/docs/surveys/roi-on-education-and-training.pdf?sfvrsn=2


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