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High-Performance Buildings Council

The NEMA High-Performance Buildings Council (HPBC) was established to promote the adoption of high-performance technologies and systems that increase the energy efficiency, safety, resilience, sustainability, productivity, and security of Federal, commercial, and multi-family residential buildings.

Buildings consume 70% of all electricity and 40% of primary energy in the United States, and much of that is wasted. Existing technologies such as lighting, energy-efficient motors, variable-speed drives, and integrated building controls and automation systems can reduce building energy consumption by 50-70% or more, and the use of onsite generation resources, such as solar photovoltaic panels, can bring a building’s net energy use to zero. Some buildings even produce more energy than they consume over the course of a year.

The HPBC’s objective is to increase demand for high-performance buildings through:

  • Government Relations: Developing and advocating for federal, state, and local policies that promote high-performance buildings
  • Market Transparency: Encouraging performance transparency through building labels, ratings, and benchmarking and disclosure
  • Financing Solutions: Developing and promoting financing solutions for building owners to assist with the upfront cost of investing in high-performance buildings
  • Codes and Standards: Laying the groundwork for high-performance buildings through the development, adoption, and enforcement of codes and S​tandards
  • Education and Marketing: Marketing high-performance building products and solutions to building owners and managers to educate them on how these solutions can increase the performance, safety, security, and sustainability of their buildings


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