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NEMA Guide for Evaluating Water Damaged Electrical Equipment

To our friends in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana and any other state to be affected by Hurricane Isaac

NEMA and our manufacturers are always concerned for the life and safety of anyone who installs, review and inspect electrical equipment subject to flood and contaminated waters. NEMA has established this guide to help anyone who needs to determine if electrical equipment should be replaced or can be reconditioned under manufacturers’ guidance when subject to events like you are experiencing with hurricane Isaac.

Below you will find a link to our guide that is designed by NEMA with participation from our many manufacturers to help building officials and inspectors better understand how to evaluate water damaged electrical equipment. The reliable and safe operation of electrical equipment is vital to the core beliefs of the National Electrical Code [NEC] and the National Electrical Safety Code [NESC]; this general scope is to ensure the practical safeguard to persons and property from the hazards associated with the use of electricity. The NEMA guide on Evaluating Water Damaged Electrical Equipment assists in playing a role in that well established scope of the NEC.

Contact: Paul W. Abernathy, Paul.Abernathy@nema.org


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