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July 16, 2012 - Texas

Texas Industrialized Buildings Code Council adopts 2009 I-Codes and 2011 NEC

The adoption of the 2009 International Codes and the 2011 National Electrical Code becomes effective for the Texas Industrialized Building Code Council on July 1, 2012. Any building constructed as an Industrialized Building for use in Texas is required to meet these current code standards. However, as a grandfathering allowance any construction plans already approved under previous adopted code editions prior to July 1, 2012 will be allowed provided that the Industrialized Building must be completed, inspected in the plant by a Texas approved third party inspector, and labeled (TX decal must be attached to the unit) by no later than 12/28/2012 or the unit shall not be eligible for a Texas decal.

In Texas, Industrialized Buildings laws cover buildings constructed in one or more modules at a location other than the installation site and designed to be used as a commercial structure when installed. The buildings are closed construction and cannot be inspected at the installation site without disassembling the building or destroying a portion of the building. On January 1, 2010, portable classrooms designed for teaching the curriculum required by the Education Code, regardless of whether the construction is closed or not, are required to meet all the provisions that are required for industrialized buildings.

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