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Code Alert: Tennessee, 10 February 2009

State Wide Residential Building Code for Tennessee

The Nashville Business Journal has reported that Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen is apparently interested in the creation of an energy bill which would enact a statewide residential building code in every jurisdiction in Tennessee. In addition, he also “wants the state to provide support to enforce it, as well as establish an energy efficiency program for state government that updates millions of square feet of office buildings.”

It was further reported that “If the governor can find a way to pay for it that doesn’t add to the state’s budget woes, the effort could receive bipartisan support in the Legislature.” The Journal reported that “What the governor wants to change is a state law that exempts single- and two-family housing from any statewide building code. Of 95 counties in Tennessee, [only] about one quarter have adopted a residential building code, according to data from the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance.”

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