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Code Alert: Tennessee, 07 January 2009

Tennessee Adoption of 2008 NEC

In late November 2008 the Department of Commerce and Insurance, Division of Fire Protection for the State of Tennessee announced that the 2008 Edition of the National Electrical Code® has been formally accepted by the State of Tennessee and that implementation of the 2008 NEC will begin January 28, 2009.

However, the following three important amendments will apply, which are amendments 10, 11 and 12 to the nine already adopted amendments by the State of Tennessee in regulating electrical installations in dwellings:

In Article 210.12(B) of the 2008 edition of the National Electrical Code, arc-fault circuit interrupters, combination type, shall be required for all bedrooms and in all other rooms shall be optional. There shall be a maximum of no more than ten (10) outlets on a fifteen (15) ampere circuit or no more than twelve (12) outlets on a twenty (20) ampere circuit.

In Article 334.15(C) of the 2008 edition of the National Electrical Code, Nonmetallic- Sheathed Cable shall not be required to be run through bored holes in unfinished basements and crawl spaces with less than four (4’) feet and six (6”) inches of clearance.

In Article 406.8(B) of the 2008 edition of the National Electrical Code, the installation of listed weather-resistant type receptacles shall be optional.

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