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Code Alert: Oregon, 16 November 2010

Oregon opens process to adopt the 2011 NEC

The State of Oregon has begun the code development process to adopt the 2011 National Electrical Code, and is currently accepting proposals for State amendments to the NEC and to the existing State Electrical Rules. The deadline for receipt of proposals is November 29, 2010. The Electrical Code Committee has already begun reviewing proposals, but no actions will be made on any proposals until after the deadline and all submissions can be considered. Following the Committee hearings and deliberations in November and December, the recommended actions will be forwarded tot he Oregon Electrical and Elevator Board for further discussion before the final package is sent on for adoption. The anticipated adoption date is April 1, 2011. Forms for filing a proposal and additional information on the process may be found at http://www.cbs.state.or.us/bcd/committees/11oesc/2011_OESC_code_process_solicitation_ltr.pdf.

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Joe Andre: Joe.andre@nema.org


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