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Code Alert: Maine, 28 April 2011

The Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation, Office of Licensing and Registration, Electricians Examining Board recently announced they will hold a public hearing on proposed changes to Chapter 120, Electric Installation Standards. The proposed amendments to Chapter 120 replace the reference to 2008 National Electrical Code (NEC) with a reference to the 2011 NEC. The hearing will be held on May 20, 2011, 9:00 A.M. at the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation Office, 76 Northern Avenue, Gardiner, Maine. Written comments can be sent to Cheryl Hersom, Board Administrator, Office of Licensing and Registration, 35 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333 no later than May 31, 2011.

Chapter 120 currently includes 18 amendments to the 2008 NEC. The Board is proposing the deletion of twelve of these amendments. Included in the amendments the Board is proposing to retain are modifications to 210.5 and 215.12, regarding the identification of branch circuits and feeders, where the premises wiring system is supplied from more than one nominal voltage system. The NEC permits the method utilized for the identification of the conductors to be documented in a manner that is readily available or to be permanently posted at each branch circuit or feeder panelboard. The amendments delete the readily available documentation option and require that the identification to be permanently posted.

The Board is also proposing to retain the amendment to 334.10. This amendment allows Type NM cable to be used in structures permitted to be of Types III, IV, and V construction without concealment within walls, floors, or ceilings that provide a thermal barrier of material that has at least a 15-minute finish rating as identified in listings of fire-rated assemblies. Another amendment regarding Type NM cable that the Board is proposing to retain is the deletion of 334.12(A)(2). This amendment will permit Type NM cable to be exposed in dropped or suspended ceilings in other than one- and two-family and multifamily dwellings.

Amendments to 338.12(B)(1) and (2) are also proposed to be retained. Section 338.12(B)(1) of the NEC prohibits the use of Type USE cable for interior wiring. The amendment allows the cable to be used for other than branch circuits and feeders originating and terminating within the same building. Section 338.12(B)(2) of the NEC prohibits the cable in aboveground installations except where Type USE cable emerges from the ground and is terminated in an enclosure at an outdoor location and the cable is protected in accordance with 300.5(D). The amendment will permit the cable to terminate in an enclosure at a location, either inside or outside acceptable to the Authority Having Jurisdiction

The existing amendment to 702.4(B)(2) is also proposed to be retained and requires automatic transfer equipment used in other than single-family dwellings to comply with 702.4(B) (2)(a) or (2)(b). The NEC requires all automatic transfer equipment used in optional standby system to comply with 702.4(B) (2)(a) or (2)(b).

Contact: Gil Moniz: gilmoniz@nema.org


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