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Code Alert: Louisiana, 23 February 2011

City of St. Louis has adopted 2011 NEC

On February 3, 2011 the City of St. Louis, MO advanced their electrical and fire safety by moving from the 1999 NEC and adopting the 2011 NEC effective immediately by (Ordinance #68831) with several amendments. This advancement, will allow all buildings in St. Louis to be safer from fires that arise from electrical hazards.

The Department of Public Safety Division of Buildings and Inspections should be congratulated on a job well done.

The 2011 National Electrical Code (NEC) is amended and changed in the following respects:

Administrative Authority: The individual, official, board, department, or agency established and authorized by the City of Saint Louis to administer and enforce the provisions of the electrical code as adopted or amended. Wherever referred to in this code, the Administrative Authority, also referred to as the code official, shall mean the Electrical Inspection Supervisor or the Building Commissioner or their duly authorized employees.

Employee: A person directly employed by a person, firm, corporation or a limited liability company or other business entity, institution or organization for wages or salary.

Seismic: When seismic bracing is required by the Building Code on any project, electrical systems shall also be braced in accordance with nationally recognized standards.

Workmanship: Executed in a skilled manner; e.g., generally plumb, level, square, in line, undamaged, and without marring adjacent work.

Please be advised the permit fees have changed plus a $25 application fee. License fees are now $150.00

Continuing Education will be needed on the 2011 Electrical Code to renew your license or acquire permits in 2012.

Contact: Don Iverson: don.iverson@nema.org


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