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Code Alert: California, 22 September 2009

California’s HCD Begins Process to Adopt the 2008 NEC

The Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) has filed its intent to adopt the 2008 National Electrical Code for buildings and structures that fall within its jurisdiction. Those include residential occupancies and accessory structures, mobile home parks, factory-built housing units, and all structures regulated by the State Housing Law or the Employee Housing Act. The proposed rulemaking will be incorporated into the 2010 Edition of the California Electrical Code.

The Department has proposed to adopt the 2008 National Electrical Code with only a few amendments that are intended to clarify code application and intent. Significantly, Chapter 2 is recommended for adoption without amendment, meaning that residents of the State of California will be provided with the latest technology to mitigate electrical fires: Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters in most areas of the home. Similarly, HCD proposes to adopt Chapter 4 without amendment, meaning that children will benefit from the increased protection from electrical shock and burns provided by tamper resistant receptacles.

More detailed information on the Department’s proposed rulemaking may be found at http://www.hcd.ca.gov/codes/shl/2010codeadoptproj_part3.html. The web site for the California Building Standards Commission is www.bsc.ca.gov. There is no Public Hearing scheduled at this time; however, written comments will be accepted until the end of business on October 12, 2009.

Comments may be emailed to CBSC@dgs.ca.gov, faxed to 916-263-0959, or mailed to:

California Building Standards Commission

2525 Natomas Park Drive, Suite 130

Sacramento, CA 95833

Attention: Dave Walls, Executive Director

Comments should be submitted on the form provided by the Building Standards Commission at http://www.bsc.ca.gov/prpsd_chngs/pc_09_comment.htm.

Submitted by Joe Andre: joe.andre@nema.org


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