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Code Alert: Arizona, 29 May 2009

Phoenix Leads Arizona in Electrical Code Adoption

On May 1, 2009 the City of Phoenix began enforcement of the 2008 National Electrical Code. The City officially adopted the 2008 NEC on April 1, 2009, with a 30-day delay in enforcement. By this action, Phoenix becomes the first jurisdiction in the State of Arizona to adopt and enforce the latest edition of the NEC. Phoenix makes only a few local modifications to the code as published by the National Fire Protection Association, including clarifying the requirements for ground fault personnel protection, equipment grounding, and use of Type NM cable.

With the new electrical code, most Phoenix residents will benefit from expanded application of GFCI protection and arc fault protection in most living areas, and protection of children by the use of tamper resistant receptacles. The requirements for residences apply to all but one and two-family dwellings, as construction of these structures falls under the 2006 Phoenix Residential Code, based on the 2006 IRC, which contains electrical provisions based on the 2005 Edition of the NEC.

If history is any indication of the future, the communities surrounding the City of Phoenix, including Chandler, Scottsdale, Glenda, Peoria, Mesa, and Tempe, should soon follow suit in adoption of the 2008 NEC in the near future.

The Phoenix Electrical Code Amendments, as well as the entire set of Phoenix construction codes, may be viewed at http://www.phoenix.gov/DEVPRO/bldproc2.html.

Submitted by: Joe Andre: joe.andre@nema.org


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