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31 May Michigan

State of Michigan

The State of Michigan has adopted the Michigan Part 8 Rule-set which includes the 2011 National Electrical Code (NEC) with an effective date of July 1, 2013. This adoption affects all structures in the state except for one and two family dwellings. However, during the review of the 2011 NEC there were several code sections deleted from the Part 8 Rules adoption and they were as follows:

R 408.30801 National electrical code; adoptions by reference; inspection; purchase.

Rule 801. (1) The standards contained in the national electrical code, 2011edition, except sections 110.24, 501.30B, 502.30B, 503.30B, 505.25B, 506.25B, 547.1 to 547.10, and Annex H, as published by the national fire protection association (NFPA), shall govern the installation, replacement, alteration, relocation, and use of electrical systems or material. With the exceptions noted, the national electrical code is adopted in these rules by reference.

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