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30 October Pennsylvania

State of Pennsylvania

The Uniform Construction Code (UCC) in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Oct 2017

Governor Wolf of Pennsylvania signed into law HB409 on October 25, 2017 which modifies the process in which the Uniform Construction Code (UCC) of Pennsylvania is reviewed and adopted within the State. The Bill modifies the review cycle from 36 months to a 54 month review cycle from the publication of the base code (I-Codes). This will also allow Philadelphia to adopt the 2018 Commercial I-Codes immediately upon a formal review within the city. The Bill will also allow for Technical Committees made up of industry stakeholders to be part of the process. The new process will also modify how sections of the code can be bundled into non-controversial and controversial categories to eliminate full rejection of a published code. A re-review of the 2015 UCC review process is also required under the statute and how previous versions of the building code that were previously rejected can be reviewed.

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