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29, March, Connecticut

State of Connecticut

Connecticut Legislative Committee on Public Safety & Security Removes 6-Year Cycle Provision from HB 6524.

The Connecticut Joint Legislative Committee on Public Safety & Security unanimously amended HB6524 to remove a six year code adoption cycle provision. The committee acted favorably on the message they received from a large constituency within the state comprised of the IBEW, IEC, Fire Marshal Association, NFPA, ICC and local NEMA member electrical manufacturers. Current construction codes establish the foundation for our communities. Extending the code cycle would have placed the state industry at a disadvantage by not recognizing the latest construction materials and current design practices permitted in Data Centers, Residential construction, Manufacturing facilities and new electrical infrastructure such as electrical vehicle charging stations and photovoltaic systems.

Current construction codes are a primary enabler for economic growth. Adopting the latest building codes will drive a more competitive commercial and retail business environment with the energy savings from homes, businesses and industrial operations now available to reinvest in the local community promoting job growth.

Contact: Deana Dennis: deana.dennis@nema.org


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