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25 October North Dakota

State of North Dakota

2017 NEC Adoption - Notice of Public Hearing

The North Dakota State Electrical Board (NDSEB) has scheduled a public hearing for November 15, 2016 to update the 2014 ND Wiring Standards to the 2017 edition. This includes adopting the 2017 NEC code along with updating the current 2012 edition of NFPA 101 to the 2015 edition.  

The NDSEB should be applauded for their commitment to electrical safety as it pushes forward to ensure public safety in all structures throughout the state.

Meeting information:

November 15, 2016
NDSEB Headquarters
1929 N. Washington Suite# A-1
Bismarck, ND 

Contact: Don Iverson, don.iverson@nema.org


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