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21 April Florida

‚ÄčState of Florida

The Draft 6th Edition (2017) Florida Building Code is now available for viewing online HERE.  The base codes for the 6th Edition (2017) Florida Building Code include the:

  • 2014 edition of the National Electrical Code
  • 2015 editions of the International Building Code; the International Plumbing Code; the International Mechanical Code; the International Fuel Gas Code; the International Residential Code; the International Existing Building Code; and the International Energy Conservation Code
  • Substantive criteria from the ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2013

State and local codes adopted and incorporated into the code include the Florida Accessibility Code and special hurricane protection standards for the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone.

Solid vertical lines in the margins indicate a technical change from the requirements of the 2012 edition of the base codes. Deletion indicators in the form of an arrow [] are provided in the margin where an entire section, paragraph, exception or table has been deleted or an item in a list of items or a table has been deleted. A single asterisk [*] placed in the margin indicates that text or a table has been relocated within the code. A double asterisk [**] placed in the margin indicates that the text or table immediately following it has been relocated there from elsewhere in the code. Dotted vertical lines in the margins and red text identify the Florida Specific Amendments. Sections deleted from the base code are designated "Reserved" in order to maintain the structure of the base code.

The Florida Building Commission will hold a Final Rule Hearing on June 13, 2017 in Daytona Beach, Florida to approve the final draft of the code and to close the triennial code update cycle. Upon Commission approval, the 6th Edition (2017) Florida Building Code will go into effect on December 31, 2017.

The Florida Building Code is produced through the efforts and contributions of building designers, contractors, product manufacturers, regulators and other interested parties who participate in the Florida Building Commission's consensus processes, Commission staff and the participants in the national model code development processes.

Contact: Bryan Holland, Bryan.Holland@nema.org


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