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13 June Michigan

State of Michigan

2017 NEC Public Hearing – Commercial Code
Department of Licensing and Regulatory affairs
Bureau of Construction Codes
Notice of Public Hearing
Part 8. Electrical Rules (ORR#2017-001LR)

The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Construction Codes, will hold a public hearing on the revision of the Part 8. Electrical Rules. The public hearing will be held on August 10, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. in the Ottawa Building, Conference Room UL 3, 611 W. Ottawa Street, Lansing, MI 48933. The Part 8. Electrical rules are proposed to take immediate effect after filing with the Secretary of State.

The proposed revisions to the Part 8 Electrical Code rules will adopt the 2017 edition of the National Electrical Code, a national industry standard, and provide Michigan-specific amendments. The hearing is being conducted by the Department under the authority of Section 4 of 1972 PA 230, MCL 125.1504, and Executive Reorganization Order Nos. 1996-2, 2003-1, 2008-4 , 2011-4, and 2017-1, MCL 445.2001, 445.2011, 445.2025, 445.2030, and 339.3102.

The proposed rules will be published in the August 1, 2018, Michigan Register. You may download a free copy of the proposed amendments by visiting the Bureau's website at www.michigan.gov/bcc. The amendments are located under "What's Happening" on the front page of the website.

Oral or written comments may be presented in person at the hearing on August 10, 2018, or submitted in writing by mail, email, or facsimile no later than 5:00 p.m., August 10, 2018, to the address stated below. If your presentation at the public hearing is in written form, please provide a copy to the Rules Specialist, at the conclusion of your testimony at the hearing.

Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
Bureau of Construction Codes
Administrative Services Division
P.O. Box 30254
Lansing, MI 48909
Telephone (517) 241-6312
Facsimile (517) 241-9570

The meeting site and parking are accessible. Individuals attending the meeting are requested to refrain from using heavily scented personal care products, in order to enhance accessibility for everyone. People with disabilities requiring additional services (such as materials in alternative format) in order to participate in the meeting should call Shannon Matsumoto at (517) 241-6312 (voice) at least 14 days prior to the hearing. LARA is an equal opportunity employer/program.


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