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08 June Colorado

State of Colorado

State Electrical Board


3 CCR 710-1


    1.1       Following are the adopted changes to the Rules and Regulations of the Colorado State Electrical Board ("the Board") for general clarification, for efficient management and expeditious procedures of the Board, and for the safeguarding of the general public in compliance with Title 12, Article 23, of the Colorado Revised Statutes.

    1.2       The Board adopts the following rules pursuant to the authority granted to the Board by § 12-23-104(2)(a), C.R.S. and hereby repeals all previous rules with the same number.

    1.3       These Rules shall be binding on every person and legal entity authorized to practice, offer to practice, or perform electrical or electrical contracting in Colorado. All licensees and registrants under Title 12, Article 23 of the Colorado Revised Statutes are charged with having knowledge of the existence of these rules and shall be deemed to be familiar with their provisions and to understand the rules. In these Rules, the word "licensee" shall mean any person holding a master electrician license, journeyman electrician license, or residential wireman license. In these Rules, the word "registrant" shall mean any person registered as an electrical apprentice and any person or legal entity registered with the Board as an electrical contractor.

    These Rules are severable. If one rule or portion of a rule is found to be invalid, all other rules or portions of rules that can be enforced without the invalid rules shall be enforced and shall remain valid.

    2.0       STANDARDS

    2.1       The Board hereby adopts the National Fire Protection Association standard number 70, hereafter known as the National Electrical Code, 2017 Edition, and as may be amended by the Board. These standards are adopted as the minimum standards governing the planning, laying out, and installing or the making of additions, alterations, and repairs in the installation of wiring apparatus and equipment for electric light, heat, and power in this state. This rule does not include later amendments to or editions of the National Electrical Code, 2017 Edition. The effective date shall be July 1, 2017.

    2.2       A copy of the provisions of the National Electrical Code, 2017 edition is available for public inspection during regular business hours at the Board office at the Division of Professions and Occupations, Department of Regulatory Agencies, 1560 Broadway, Suite 110, Denver, Colorado, 80202, and at any state publications depository library. For further information regarding how this material can be obtained or examined, contact the Program Director for the Board ("Program Director") at 1560 Broadway, Suite 110, Denver, Colorado, 80202, (303) 894-2300. The National Electric Code, 2017 Edition, is available directly from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 1 Batterymarch Park, Quincy MA 02169-7471, phone 1-800-344-3555. Copies are also available from the NFPA website at NFPA.org, as well as most online and retail book vendors.

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