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Economic Growth and Manufacturing

The electrical manufacturing industry represented by NEMA is responsible for $100 billion in domestic electrical product shipments annually and over $30 billion in export sales. The U.S. electroindustry represents about 500,000 jobs. Electrical manufacturing plays a key role in the overall manufacturing sector in the U.S. economy. Manufacturing is the engine that drives American prosperity and is central to our economic and national security. Every $1.00 in manufactured goods generates an additional $1.43 worth of additional economic activity--more than any other economic sector.

NEMA, as a member of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), participates in NAM’s campaign on jobs and a competitive America. The campaign emphasizes to policymakers that to ensure a vibrant manufacturing sector for future generations, America’s policymakers must:

  • Level the international playing field by ensuring that foreign countries comply with international trade rules and allow markets to determine exchange rates.
  • Reduce the cost of producing in the United States including containing health care costs, enacting legal reforms, ensuring affordable energy supplies, reforming the regulatory process to better assess cost and benefit of regulations and impact on industry.
  • Promote innovation, investment, and productivity through tax reforms that encourage investment and research and development, and tax rules that keep U.S. manufacturers competitive.
  • Ensure an adequate supply of skilled workers through greater emphasis on technical education including science and engineering, and a educational focus on manufacturing careers.

For information on the NAM's Strategy for Jobs and a Competitive America, please click here.


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