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Transmission Siting

Siting Transmission Corridors—A Real Life Game of Chutes and Ladders* Everyone is talking about the need for more and more diverse sources of electrical energy and about the ever-growing worldwide demand for electricity.

However, the critical link between generation and use that is too often overlooked by policymakers is the transmission and distribution network that brings power to the customer.

NEMA members provide the entire range of power transmission and distribution equipment–the connecting tissue between electricity generation and usage.

The development of electrical transmission and distribution infrastructure, or the electrical grid, was rated "the greatest engineering achievement of the 20th Century " by the National Academy of Engineering. However, as greater demands are being placed on the grid and with energy efficiency and security growing concerns, major new investments in the grid are needed to make it more reliable, more efficient, and smarter.

One impediment to such improvement is the arduous process of siting interstate transmission lines. A complex web of local, state, and federal regulations make it difficult to gain approval for a transmission line, even one that is absolutely essential to grid reliability or to the development of renewable energy. In fact, most proposed lines are never built. Click here to view NEMA’s Siting Transmission Corridors–A Real Life Game of Chutes and Ladders®.

NEMA engages Congress, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the Department of Energy (DOE), and state regulators to ensure a robust U.S. transmission grid for the 21st century through development of new technologies and investments in grid infrastructure that improve the reliability, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the grid.

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