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Sources and Supply

NEMA believes America needs a plentiful and balanced supply of electrical energy to meet demand. Regardless of generation type—coal, natural gas, nuclear, hydro, solar, wind, geothermal—NEMA is advocating for public policies that promote efficient transmission, distribution, storage, and end-use of electricity.

America’s electricity supply, from generation to use, should be safe, reliable and efficient. Through implementation of the National Electrical Code ® and application of the latest electroindustry technologies, we can continue to promote electrical safety. Investment in electrical infrastructure, including Smart Grid technologies, increases reliability of the grid.

One source of electricity that is often overlooked is energy efficiency. Through greater deployment of more efficient products, wider application of systems that control the use of these products, and broader adoption of energy storage and demand response technologies, we can quite literally “produce” power at a fraction of the cost of brand new generating facilities.

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