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Wire and Cable

The NEMA Wire & Cable Division Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Committee informs and advises Wire & Cable Division member companies about existing and impending legislative and regulatory EHS initiatives that affect their operations.


  • Inform and advise the NEMA Wire & Cable Division member companies about existing and impending environmental, health, and safety (EHS) policies, laws, and regulations that affect the wire and cable industry
  • Coordinate and provide leadership for Division actions necessary to respond to federal, state and global EHS initiatives
  • Be the voice of the wire and cable industry before various federal, state, and international legislative and regulatory bodies
  • Represent the industry's concerns before standards-setting and non-governmental bodies addressing EHS issues of real or potential concern to wire and cable producers
  • Provide a vehicle for exchanging, sharing, and communicating EHS programs, information and loss-control methods among member companies


  • Actively engage with federal, state, and international rulemaking bodies to ensure that laws and regulations accurately reflect industry concerns
  • Assume an active role on EHS matters before all standards-setting and non-governmental entities
  • Define and pursue all industry EHS interests and positions on pertinent documents affecting wire and cable products
  • Promote the dissemination of EHS programs, information and methods among NEMA Wire & Cable Division member companies

These strategies are executed by monitoring all EHS activities impacting the industry to identify key trends and issues. Under NEMA staff leadership, the Wire & Cable Division EHS Committee identifies regulatory schedules and issues to be addressed, working to formulate consensus positions with all interested parties, associations, and industries. In addition, execution of these strategies depends on NEMA member company representatives participation in the public dialogue on EHS issues impacting their products and the issuance of timely and technically supportable industry views on key issues.

Join Us:

Interested in participating in the NEMA Wire & Cable Division EHS Committee or need more information? Please contact Sarah Owen, NEMA Manager of Government Relations.


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