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The manufacturing and sale of counterfeit products is widely recognized by the United States and its trading partners as a crime involving the theft of intellectual property rights, including patents, trade, service and certification marks, and copyright. There are not only economic consequences from trafficking in counterfeit goods, including injury to the reputation of the rights-holder who has made a substantial investment in the quality of its product and brand name, but also to the deceived consumer, especially when health and safety is impacted, and governments that face a loss of tax revenue.

CSA-NEMA Anti-Counterfeiting Update

Authentication Technologies for Brand Protection

NEMA’s Anti-Counterfeiting Mission is to:

  • advocate the creation and enforcement of measures that remove counterfeit products from the marketplace and penalizes those that traffic counterfeit products.
  • assist its members with protecting their investment in their brands
  • communicate with the U.S. government and the public about the issues presented by the existence of counterfeit electrical products in the marketplace.

Anti-Counterfeiting Videos

Las falsificaciones pueden causar la muerte

Ayude a combatir la falsificación

Falsificaciones que causan la muerte

Overview: NEMA's Anti-Counterfeiting Initiative 

Read NEMA's Brochure "Electrical Product Knock-Offs Provide Substandard Performance and Increase Your Risks."

NEMA Spanish-language Anti-Counterfeiting Brochure

NEMA Comments on Proposed Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)

Useful Links

Anti-Counterfeiting Staff

Kyle Pitsor, Vice President, Government Relations

Clark Silcox, NEMA Counsel

Craig Updyke, Director, Trade and Commercial Affairs


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