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WESCO International and ESFI Bring National Electrical Safety Month to the Workplace

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May is National Electrical Safety Month and WESCO International is doing its part to raise awareness about the workplace electrical safety hazards that claim the lives of more than 350 workers each year. WESCO’s Electrical Safety Guide, produced in collaboration with the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), is a comprehensive collection of case studies, definitions, and examples to help its customers protect themselves against the top electrical hazards in the workplace.

“Most workplace electrical fatalities and injuries can be avoided by following proper safety procedures such as lockout/tagout, de-energizing and wearing correct personal protective equipment,” said Steve Van Oss, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for WESCO. “WESCO prides itself on being a total solution provider, and our Electrical Safety Guide is the latest example of our comprehensive portfolio of safety and security solutions to ensure that those who work around electricity go home safely at the end of each work day.”

The 28-page Electrical Safety Guide includes listings of safety products and solutions along with electrical safety tips to maintain the safety of electrical workers in the field. The guide, which will be distributed to WESCO employees, suppliers, and customers, is available on the company’s website.

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Source: ESFI


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