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SolaHD Upgrades SOLATRON™ Plus Power Conditioner

10/12/2012 2:00PMSign-up to receive press releases.

SolaHD, an innovative force in power quality solutions, announced it has upgraded its SOLATRON™ Plus three-phase power conditioners to satisfy customer requirements for tighter voltage regulation. SLATRON™ Plus units will now feature ±3% Voltage Regulation as standard for all units.

As a result of the upgrade, SOLATRON Plus power conditioners will regulate output voltage to ±3 percent, even when voltage swells as high as 10 percent, or when voltage sags as much as negative 25 percent, preventing severe damage to sensitive electronics equipment, as well as helping to minimize computer glitches, lock-ups and costly production downtime.

Designed to protect equipment from voltage sags and spikes, switching transients, lightning and induced surges, the SOLOTRON Plus uses a carefully designed surge suppression circuit linked to a shielded isolation transformer and input and output filters. Response time to any line variation is 1.5 cycles regardless of the power factor. The units operate with 150 dB Common Mode noise attenuation and 65 dB Normal Mode noise attenuation at 100 kHz.


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