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NEMA Publishes White Paper LSD 68 Remote Phosphor Devices Used in LED Lamps, Engines and Luminaires

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The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published white paper NEMA LSD 68 Remote Phosphor Devices Used in LED Lamps, Engines and Luminaires.

This document facilitates development of testing and certification procedures that will allow the qualification of pump or source devices, pumped conversion materials / remote phosphors, and reflective materials independently. Then, qualification of the remote phosphor system (pump + conversion material + mixing chamber material, if applicable) does not require testing of each combination of pump device, conversion material, and mixing chamber material. This can simplify the testing required to qualify for ENERGY STAR®.

Presently, programs such as ENERGY STAR require testing of each complete remote phosphor system at system level. Although the most accurate approach to qualify remote phosphor systems for use in products may be to measure total system lumen and color maintenance at the system/product level, the amount of time and cost to test each product combination is prohibitive. Replacement of system-level testing by independent component-level testing is widely expected to be a fully adequate replacement, which will accelerate the introduction of new products and the adoption of solid-state lighting.

NEMA LSD 68-2013 Remote Phosphor Devices Used in LED Lamps, Engines and Luminaires may be downloaded at no cost on the NEMA website.


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