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NEMA Publishes ANSI/NEMA WD 6-2012 Wiring Devices—Dimensional Specifications

08/2/2013 10:00AM

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published ANSI/NEMA WD 6-2012 Wiring Devices—Dimensional Specifications. This standard covers dimensional requirements for plugs and receptacles up to 60 Amperes and 600 Volts. Also included is the recommended marking for automatically-controlled receptacles.

WD 6 discusses the plugs, receptacles, and cover plates (i.e., wall plates) used in almost any electrical installation such as residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Substantive changes to the current document include:

  • The introduction of the marking for automatically-controlled receptacles adopted by NEMA and mandated by the National Electrical Code®
  • Dimensions for 2 1/8-inch mounting plates—single and dual

View the contents and scope of ANSI/NEMA WD 6-2012. To download an electronic copy at no cost or purchase a hard copy for $175, visit the NEMA website.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) represents nearly 400 electrical, medical imaging, and radiation therapy manufacturers. Our combined industries account for more than 400,000 American jobs and more than 7,000 facilities across the U.S. Domestic production exceeds $117 billion per year. Our industry is at the forefront on electrical safety, reliability, resilience, efficiency, and energy security.

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