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NEMA Issues Guidance on Spring Floods

04/23/2013 10:00AMSign-up to receive press releases.

Areas in North Dakota are beginning preparations in anticipation of the Red River flooding as a result of spring snowmelt and rain.

“Replacing water-damaged equipment is very important. It’s amazing to see the damage caused by floodwater contamination and in such a short time,” said Lyle Wergeland, director of inspections, North Dakota State Electrical Board. “The electrical wiring, devices, and equipment in your home were not meant to ever come in contact with water. We would hate to see you work so hard to save your property only to lose it to an electrical fire in the weeks or months after the floodwaters have receded.”

Local electrical inspectors and residents are encouraged to refer to NEMA’s Evaluating Water-Damaged Electrical Equipment publication when assessing electrical equipment that has been submerged.

“It is paramount to those affected by floodwaters to understand the importance of electrical safety when determining whether to recondition, reuse, or replace electrical products that have been damaged,” said NEMA Midwest Field Representative Don Iverson.

Other areas bracing for seasonal flooding include northeastern Oklahoma, Missouri, northern and central Illinois, southern and central Wisconsin, and parts of Lower Michigan.

“NEMA members understand the dangers from flooded electrical equipment which is why we provide the water damage guide to contractors and electrical inspectors at no charge,” said Head of NEMA Communications Paul Molitor. “Safety for both consumers and contractors has to be our first concern when the grid is recharged after a natural disaster,” he added.

Evaluating Water-Damaged Electrical Equipment may be downloaded at no charge. For a complimentary hardcopy, contact NEMA Communications at communications@nema.org.

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