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Electrical Submetering Manufacturing Industry Holds First Meeting

07/28/2014 12:00PMSign-up to receive press releases.

Earlier this month, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) organized a meeting of a significant number of representatives of the electrical submetering manufacturing industry to constitute a new trade group under the NEMA umbrella.

During the meeting, participants discussed a number of industry-wide concerns and opportunities previously identified during a May workshop hosted by NEMA that, properly addressed, could accelerate the growth of this relatively new industry segment. Its growth has been fueled by the increased energy efficiency requirements of the building market.

According to Navigant Research, the worldwide submeter market will double from $771 million to $1.58 billion by 2020 at a compound annual growth rate of 9.4 percent.

Participants voiced interest in being involved as a representative stakeholder in related codes and standards development, as well as regulatory activities and promotional programs (e.g., building rating points systems). They addressed organizational and governance matters necessary to start trade group activities as soon as possible.

According to NEMA Technical Director Andrei Moldoveanu, the timing was ideal.

“We saw similar, unaddressed needs and opportunities for the submetering industry in various areas where NEMA operates: codes, standards, regulations, high-performance building rating systems, and energy-efficiency standardization road-mapping. We saw new vectors— demand response and energy efficiency—driving the growth of this industry. We also saw every other stakeholder but the submetering industry getting vigorously involved. We knew we had the duty to explore these,” he said.


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