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Eaton Targets Counterfeiting

05/1/2013 11:00AMSign-up to receive press releases.

Eaton is collaborating with Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) to promote electrical safety and raise awareness of the dangers of counterfeit electrical products.

The effort will focus on the dangers of counterfeit electrical products as part of a broader outreach effort during National Electrical Safety Month this May. Eaton is continuing its effort to educate key audiences about counterfeit products and the dangers they pose in residential and industrial settings as well as the adverse economic impact.

“The leadership role Eaton is taking to educate all facets of the electrical industry about the dangers of counterfeit electrical products is helping reduce health, safety and economic dangers,” says Thayer Long, executive vice president and chief executive officer, IEC National. “As we help our members face the challenges posed by the ever-changing world of the electrical industry, the importance of electrical safety and avoiding counterfeit electrical products is a message that can save lives and prevent injuries and property damage.”

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Source: CEPro


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