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Digital Lighting Management Partition Controls Offer Flexibility to Manage Lighting Energy in Multi-use Spaces

07/1/2013 11:00AMSign-up to receive press releases.

WattStopper has launched two Digital Lighting Management control devices that offer design professionals elegant, cost effective solutions for managing energy efficient lighting controls in partitioned spaces. Adding just one device to spaces including ballrooms, meeting rooms or training rooms with movable walls enables efficient manual or automatic response when the space is reconfigured.

The LMPS-104 Digital Partition Switch is a decorator-style wall switch with four buttons that represent the movable partition walls. To recall the correct control configuration for the space, users simply press a combination of buttons to mimic the space configuration. The switch has removable buttons that can be replaced in the field with custom-engraved button kits identifying the associated walls. The LMPS-104 and the button kits are available in five colors.

The LMIO-102 Digital Partition Interface automates the reconfiguration process using contact closure inputs to sense changes to the wall configurations and respond without any user input. The device can be used alone or with a Digital Partition Switch to serve as a status indicator; green LEDs on the switch show whether the walls are open or closed.

Both WattStopper partition solutions recall up to 16 complete control configuration profiles, including load bindings for connected switches, dimmers, occupancy sensors and more, and the profiles can be set up on site. This powerful functionality offers designers of today’s intelligent buildings the flexibility to best manage energy according to the specific requirements of every application. Applications include spaces in hotels, conference centers, schools and training centers with up to four movable walls.

Source: WattStopper


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