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Circuit of the Americas, Home of the Formula 1 U.S. Grand PrixTM and ESPN X Games, Selects Acuity Controls for its World-Class Campus

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Circuit of The Americas™(COTA), is a world-class performance, education and business center and home to the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix and 2014 ESPN Summer X Games. COTA now features Acuity Brands, Inc. outdoor lighting controls for site and maintenance management of its lighting systems. COTA selected the ROAMview™ wireless lighting monitoring and control system to help manage the outdoor lighting of its 1,335-acre site including the racetrack, associated facilities and parking lots.

The ROAMview system uses an automated central system with software that reports which lights are on and off, allowing COTA to more closely control lighting and maintenance and react immediately to lighting failures. ROAMview offers the flexibility to wirelessly adjust lighting at an individual fixture level on a daily basis for a variety of events. System benefits include reducing energy consumption and maintenance time and costs.

“The system is exceeding expectations; it successfully maintains parking lot, roadway and public walkway lighting with flexibility,” said Leo Garcia, COTA head electrician of energy management. “It has created a safe and manageable environment for a multitude of events and situations.”

COTA installed 139 ROAMview control nodes across the campus. The majority of the nodes were placed on metal halide fixtures within parking lots, along the main street at the venue (COTA Boulevard) as well as on new pedestrian walkways and roadways. ROAMview nodes were also installed in a newly constructed paddock area used for staging equipment.

COTA uses five lighting control scenarios with 10 individual zones to ensure the perfect lighting for every event such as concerts and Grand Prix races. The different scenarios and zones maintain traffic control and safety for pedestrians.

After installing and operating the ROAMview system, the control abilities at COTA have proved versatile and achieved positive feedback. “Venue staff has expressed a high level of satisfaction,” said Garcia. “The ability to easily adjust light settings across such a large area from one central location has made turning on and off lights really flexible for staff, so we hear a lot of positive feedback.”

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