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Agfa HealthCare Awarded New Three-year Contract by Premier Healthcare Alliance

07/23/2012 9:00AMSign-up to receive press releases.

Agfa HealthCare announced that it has been awarded a new three-year contract by the group purchasing division of the Premier healthcare alliance to provide special pricing and terms on its entire product line of digital radiography (DR) products to the alliance's 2,600+ member hospitals and 84,000+ other alternate healthcare sites in the United States.

Agfa HealthCare's full portfolio of DR products is included in the contract, along with MUSICA 2advanced digital X-ray image processing software and the NX workstation. Following is the complete list of DR systems and DR detectors available:

DX-D 100 - T he portable DX-D 100 provides great flexibility and improved infection control for mobile environments such as intensive care units (ICUs), emergency departments, operating rooms or bedside examinations.

DX-D 300 - A fully-motorized, flexible direct radiography system, the DX-D 300 is suitable for a broad range of X-ray studies.

DX-D 500 n - A high-productivity ceiling mounted direct radiography system with NX MUSICA 2and scalable options for panel type and configuration.

DX-D 600 - The fully automatic system offers the latest in state-of-the-art auto-positioning technology. The versatile, ceiling-suspended DX-D 600 is equipped with dual Cesium Iodide (CsI) DR detectors in the wall stand and table, with optional integrated CR as well.

DX-D 10 and DX-D 20 portable detectors - These tethered digital detectors offer a fast and effective way to get the benefits of high-quality digital imaging for both conventional and mobile digital X-ray systems.

All of Agfa HealthCare's DR solutions are backed by the 'gold standard' MUSICA 2image processing software and the convenience provided by the NX workstation's single user interface. MUSICA 2technology provides consistent, high-quality results and virtually eliminates the need for post processing adjustments by the technologist or radiologist. The NX workstation enables very fast image acquisition and a smooth workflow. With its intuitive user interface (identical for CR and DR), NX requires minimal training but offers maximum convenience.

"Agfa HealthCare is proud to work with Premier to provide a consultative relationship with its members in order to help them achieve seamless integration and imaging connectivity across the enterprise," said Ray Russell, Director of Sales National Accounts and Channels, Agfa HealthCare U.S. "We are pleased to be able to offer Premier members access to our comprehensive range of DR solutions as they transition from analog to digital, or expand on their existing digital infrastructure."

Effective October 1, 2012 through August 31, 2015 this contract will be the latest in a progression of contracts during Agfa HealthCare's 17-year relationship with Premier and its member facilities that spans back to 1995. Agfa HealthCare also has Enterprise Image Management Solutions (EIMS), Computed Radiography (CR) and Medical Film and Imagers contracts with Premier. ‚Äč


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