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ABB upgrades UC Davis’ Conductor NT consoles to Symphony Plus HMI

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S+ Operations’ intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) system significantly improves response time, flexibility and overall performance for UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento.

ABB, announced that it has successfully commissioned a Symphony Plus upgrade at the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California.

The transition was seamless using the ABB engineering tool to convert the graphics, and has already led to HMI response time improvement, better ease of use, and reduction of associated operating system risks.

UC Davis Medical Center is a major academic health center located in Sacramento, California. The facility has an integrated steam generating power plant that produces 21 MW. It is capable of generating 6 MW for five emergency generators, each capable of generating two MW, enough electricity to serve the medical center. The plant also supports eight centrifugal chillers that generate chilled water.

ABB was selected for this project due to its low-risk solution that brought the plant into a modern operating environment in the most cost-effective manner, and for the inherent advantages of its simple, scalable, seamless and secure Symphony Plus control system.

For UC Davis, operator effectiveness is fundamental to the plant’s performance. This project replaced the existing Conductor NT console with S+ Operations, ABB’s modern human-machine interface, designed specifically for power and water plants. The S+ Operations HMI solution helped UC Davis transform its data into meaningful information and presented them with new, intuitive user-specific desktop displays. It has integrated perfectly with S+ controllers, and can also be used with other ABB control families as well as third-party devices.

“ABB’s evolution of operating displays provided an economical solution to upgrading the Conductor NT console. It provided our operations team with a familiar operating environment, while at the same time adding important new functionality,” said Steven McGrath, Plant Superintendent, UC Davis Medical Center. “The new S+ HMI’s were commissioned while the existing Conductor NT consoles continued to operate. This allowed us to greatly reduce project risk, while allowing our operators the time they needed to become comfortable and proficient with the new system.”

“We are privileged to work with the UC Davis Medical Center as we upgrade their existing HMI system to Symphony Plus Operations, helping them improve response time, ease of use and overall performance, said Mark Taft, Senior Vice President and General Manager for ABB Power Generation, North America. “This is part of ABB’s ‘evolution without obsolescence’ strategy that allows our customers to maximize the return on their original investment with new technology.”

Source: ABB


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