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5 Tips from NEMA on Creating an Energy-Efficient Home

04/21/2014 10:00AMSign-up to receive press releases.

By Phallan K. Davis, NEMA Public Relations Specialist    

Making a home more energy efficient does not have to be an expensive and monumental undertaking. In fact, a little goes a long way.

Last month NEMA launched “The Patrick Project,” a year-long series that follows Patrick Hughes, the organization’s High-Performance Buildings Director, on his journey to transform his residence into one that is net-zero energy.

Inspired by The Patrick Project and just in time for Earth Day (April 22), we created a list of simple changes you can undertake in your own home to make it work better for you and save you money.

NEMA’s Five Tips to Create an Energy-Efficient Home

  1. Change incandescent and halogen lighting to CFLs or LEDs. It will result in lower energy use, and thus lower electric bills.
  2. Use occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and other lighting controls to automatically turn off the lights when they aren’t needed.
  3. Use controlled receptacles and power strips to turn off nonessential electronics when not being used.
  4. Install a programmable thermostat, which will turn your heating and cooling system off and on, depending on when you leave and return home.
  5. Unplug appliances not in use to avoid vampire energy loss (the energy used by some products, like cell phones and televisions, when they are turned off but still plugged into a power outlet).

For more helpful tips and just in time for warm weather, visit the Department of Energy website to read Top 11 Things You Didn’t Know about Saving Energy at Home: Summer Edition.


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