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IEC & USNC Training

NEMA Member Training Resource - IEC

NEMA has committed to improving its participation in the International Electrotechnical Commission and one facet of this effort is to provide education and training resources for its Members.  It is critical for staff of NEMA Members who serve as officers of IEC committees, who represent the US as experts on working groups and maintenance teams, and who serve in leadership positions for USNC Technical Advisory Groups to achieve a high level of familiarity with the contents of these training modules.  It would also be useful for individuals participating in the IEC or USNC in any capacity, including those who are members of USNC TAGs, to review the material.

It is expected that those who receive funding as part of their participation will successfully complete a full review of the modules referenced below.  All current IEC Officers, Experts and TAG leaders should complete their review within 6 months of receiving notice of the availability of the training.  New IEC officers, Experts and TAG leaders should complete their review of the modules within 6 months of starting their new responsibilities.

Members will be requested to enter some basic information to facilitate tracking of module review and to enable notification of updates to the training.

Future Updates

NEMA anticipates adding material to the USNC developed material that will enhance the training experience.  It is planned to include material that more directly relates to NEMA and its Members participation in the USNC and the IEC Standards development process. There will also be slides to emphasize the importance of some information and a quiz to enable participants to confirm their understanding of the key points of the training.  Individuals who complete the modules prior to implementation of any or all of this additional material will be notified by e-mail of its on-line availability.

Target Audience

Corporate Standards personnel, Members, officers and administrators of international Standards committees, subject matter experts/technical experts and accredited delegates to international meetings, USNC-approved U.S. TAG Members, Technical Advisors, officers,​ and administrators.


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