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Member Services

The following is a list of services provided by NEMA Business Information Services (NEMA/BIS) to NEMA members.

If you are a NEMA member or affiliated trade organization, please contact your Industry Manager for information on how to subscribe to these premium services.

  • Economic Forecasts & Market Research
  • Survey Services
  • Reports
    • Products
    • Industrial Relations
    • Financial
    • Government and Regulatory Body

Economic Forecasts & Market Research

NEMA/BIS develops economic industry models to provide market data and end-market economic forecasts. For participants in industry statistics programs, we build customized econometric forecast models based on the detailed data collected in these programs.

Survey Services

Since its inception, NEMA members have participated in a variety of surveys offered by NEMA. NEMA/BIS continues to offer these surveys which provide critical data used to provide the reports for NEMA member companies.

For a complete list of surveys provided by NEMA/BIS to NEMA members, see Surveys and Datalink.

Product Reports

Our survey services allow us to provide detailed product reports, including:

  • Sales and Orders Information
    Members can track their market share for specific products.
  • Geographic Distribution Information
    Members can track the geographic distribution of products by state, region, or NEMA Trading Area. Many companies base staff remuneration on the data from these reports.
  • Channel of Distribution
    Member are able to track product distribution channels. For example, if sales to "do-it-yourself" stores are growing relative to sales to traditional distributors. With such knowledge, a company is able to make more effective strategic marketing decisions.
  • End-Market Information
    Members are able to determine the industry’s largest end use market. This information allows members to develop more accurate product demand forecast models.
  • Inventory
    Critical during volatile economic periods, it provides members valuable information for strategic planning.
  • Capacity Utilization
    Provides members with valuable information for long-term strategic planning, helping them avoid misallocation of scarce resources.

Industrial Relations Reports

  • Wage Surveys
    Collects data on wages paid for specific jobs, providing benchmarking data to help member companies develop appropriate wage schedules.
  • Compensation and Salary Surveys
    Collects data on professional and executive staff compensation and salary data used for identifying industry trends. Members can use these benchmarking data to compare its salary and compensation plans to industry averages, including the highest and lowest values for particular categories.
  • Benefit Surveys
    These surveys collect data on company benefits, pension, disability, and health care plans, as well as sick leave. These data are invaluable when initiating or renewing employee wage and benefit contracts.

Financial Reports

  • Financial and Operating Ratios
    Allows members to compare their operating costs to industry averages as well as to the highest and lowest value for each ratio.

    Ratios include:

    • Cost of sales to net sales
    • Marketing expenses to net sales
    • Returned goods to total goods shipped
    • Average finished goods inventory to average net sales per day.

Government and/or Regulatory Body Reports

  • Government Surveys
    Companies are required to submit information for government survey programs, the results of which may not be provided for years. NEMA collects this same information from participating companies and compiles these data and disseminates the results. These surveys include OSHA and FDA reporting.
  • Census Data
    The U.S. Bureau of Census collects a wide range of data related to electrical products. NEMA/BIS staff members who are familiar with these data can access key information quickly in response to member requests.
  • Import/Export Reports
    NEMA/BIS staff members have access to foreign trade data from the Department of Commerce database. Staff members have the ability to compile import/export data for member requests.


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