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LED A-line, Halogen, and CFL Lamp Shipments Decrease in Fourth Quarter 2018

NEMA’s A-line Lamp Index has been updated.  To appreciate the changes we have made please read our announcement here.

LED A-line shipments decreased 7.6 percent compared to 3Q 2018 and increased 46.5 percent compared to 4Q 2017. Halogen A-line lamps posted a decrease in shipments in 4Q 2018 compared to the both the previous quarter (13.1 percent), and the same quarter a year ago (22.7 percent.)  CFL A-line lamp shipments decreased compared to 3Q 2018 and 4Q 2017 (33.5 percent and 30.7 percent, respectively.)

LED A-line lamps account for 67.6 percent of the consumer lamp market, followed by halogen A-line lamps which account for 27.4 percent. CFLs comprised the remaining 5.0 percent of the A-line consumer market.

Laurie Miller 
Director, Statistical Operations

The NEMA Lamp Shipments Indices are composite measures of NEMA-member companies’ U.S. shipments of compact fluorescent, halogen, incandescent and LED replacement lamps. Product shipments data are drawn from NEMA statistical surveys and are adjusted for seasonal fluctuations.


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