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NEMA Leadership Workshop

Industry consolidation, natural attrition from member retirements, and the challenges of engaging younger generations of workers have resulted in a decrease in the number of company representatives assuming volunteer leadership roles within NEMA. Those individuals who do assume a volunteer leadership role are often stretched too thin to achieve their (or NEMA’s) objectives. NEMA staff can lend support, but as association managers rather than owners, they cannot bridge the gap in inadequate member leadership. Whether companies are unwilling to commit their talented resources, or viable candidates do not have sufficient experience to serve as leaders, an opportunity for new blood and increased company value is being lost.

The NEMA Leadership Workshop is designed to provide a foundation for the growth of the next generation of leaders, as well as an orientation session for new members. Virtually all companies place a high value on personal and professional development of their employees and budget for such training each year. The Leadership Workshop will help supplement such programs. This includes:

  • Providing a knowledge base for present and future volunteer leaders on NEMA’s mission, its sections and committees, and the critical role that volunteer leaders can play in steering the organization.
  • Exploring the skills necessary for effective volunteer leadership within a nonprofit organization, including teambuilding, consensus building, group problem-solving, etc.
  • Helping company management better understand the need and value of employee participation within NEMA and the corporate benefits accrued from sharing in leadership responsibilities

For more information, please contact:

John Caskey, Assistant Vice President for Industry Operations.


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