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Become a Sponsor

electroindustry Digital Sponsorship

When you sponsor the electronic issue of electroindustry, your ad will appear in the monthly email alert and on the digital version landing page, giving you maximum exposure to top decision makers in the industry.

Cost: $7,500 per issue

NEMA Standards Sponsorship

More than 100,000 NEMA standards are downloaded at no charge each year. Reach this audience! When you become the sole sponsor of NEMA downloads, your ad will appear next to the standard to be downloaded.

Cost: $4,500 monthly or $50,000 annually

NEMAcast sponsorships

Become the exclusive annual sponsor of NEMAcast.

NEMAcast's sponsor will gain brand visibility to a global audience of key decision makers in the industry.

This EXCLUSIVE sponsorship opportunity includes:

  • Company audio recognition in the beginning and end of each NEMAcast
  • Company logo in header of NEMAcast website
  • Skyscraper banner on NEMAcast website
  • Skyscraper banner on NEMAcast.org homepage
  • Further company sponsorship recognition on YouTube and iTunes through NEMAcast's added distribution
  • Company banner on NEMA's e-newsletter eiXtra for the year

Cost: $25,000 annually

Advertise on NEMAcast podcast 

To advertise, please contact: Chris Riordan, National Sales Manager • 202.367.2462 • criordan@townsend-group.com


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