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NEMA's varied publications and media include Electrical Standards & Products Guide, electroindustry magazine, e-newsletter eiXtra, NEMA.org, and sponsorships—all help you reach electroindustry professionals! Download the 2018 Media Guide in PDF format.
electroindustry Magazine
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  • Government Relations Update
  • Electroindustry News
  • Code Actions / Standardization Trends
  • International Roundup
  • Economic Spotlight
Electrical Standards & Products Guide (ESPG)
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ESPG is the guide to electrical standards & products and is read by buyers, specifiers, contractors, and distributors—your client base.

eiXtra Bi-weekly Newsletter
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  • Hot Topics
  • On the Hill/Around the Nation
  • International News
  • NEMAvoice
  • The Electroindustry
    Career Portal
Sponsorships Opportunities
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