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Circular Economy Workshop


On November 6, NEMA is hosting a workshop to highlight a radically different way of doing business – the circular economy. Circularity isn't just another sustainability framework, it's an emerging business strategy that seeks to fundamentally transform the existing "take, make, and dispose of" model of economic distribution. According to its proponents, the circular economy has the potential to unlock a $4.5 TRILLION economic opportunity.

The NEMA Circular Economy Workshop is designed to:​

  • Describe the circular economy concept and its growing impact on corporate strategy and public policy
  • Define key elements of "circularity" (i.e., value retention processes) and their applications in the manufacturing sector
  • Review findings from a recent NEMA-wide survey on how NEMA Member companies are adopting circular practices
  • Identify the barriers to integrating circular concepts into NEMA products and systems, and the metrics ​​needed to measure such activity
  • Determine what NEMA can (and should) do to promote greater circularity in the electrical product industry ​

The workshop will convene at 3:15 pm in the Royal Palm Room 1-2, immediately following the NEMA Industry Future Forum. The event is free to NEMA Members, but space is limited, save your seat here under "Pre-Event Meetings."​

​Speakers include:

Carolyn Clemmens, Antea Group Project Manager, Sustainability Strategy and Reporting

Carolyn supports clients in developing sustainability strategies and writing a narrative for sustainability reports and disclosures, as well as providing technical expertise for materiality assessments and water risk analyses. She manages the water and energy use benchmarking study for the International Bottled Water Association, and she also engages frequently with Inogen, an organization comprised of a global network of EHS consultants, to collect large EHS&S datasets, fast-tracking EHS compliance audit processing for her international clients. ​

Owen McKenna, Project Manager, Sustainability Analyst

Owen is a sustainability expert with Antea Group, having worked with a wide variety of public and private organizations for over a decade. He excels at building and leading project teams, coalescing both external and internal stakeholders, and facilitating client workshops. Owen helps clients build business cases for investments in sustainability, from the initial personnel interviews to the final case development. He also helps facilitate circularity in the healthcare plastics industry through his work with the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council. ​

For more information contact Mark Kohorst at Mar_kohorst@nema.org or (703) 841-3249.​​​​​​​

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