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Associate Member Benefits

NEMA has opened its doors to an entirely new set of potential members. Join the association to stay current on developments in the industry, to develop productive relationships with industry professionals, and to increase the visibility of your organization within the electroindustry.

Associate membership is now open to the following organizations:

  • Industrial Supplier: Companies that supply raw or manufactured materials, components or product directly to NEMA members.

  • Wholesale Trade:  Companies that are authorized to distribute NEMA member products.

  • Association: Nonprofit 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(6) organizations that engages with NEMA and its members on NEMA-related issues.

Associate Member Benefits

NEMA associate members are valued members of the association, receiving immediate tangible benefits of access, information, exposure, and discounts.


NEMA associate members are provided an array of information on the electroindustry. You will receive complimentary subscriptions to NEMA’s electroindustry, Government Relations Briefs, as well as ei extra, NEMA’s biweekly e-newsletter. NEMA will also provide a quarterly update on the business climate for the electroindustry specifically for NEMA associate members. As a NEMA associate member, you also have ready access to NEMA’s staff of industry specialists for tracking and analyzing critical industry issues. NEMA associate members receive the member subscription rate for the Electroindustry Economic Outlook.


NEMA associate members gain visibility with membership. All new associate members are announced in electroindustry magazine. Your organization will also be listed in NEMA’s Electrical Standards and Product Guide, and have a summary listing of corporate information on the NEMA associate member section of www.nema.org. Membership brings other opportunities to raise your organization’s visibility among NEMA manufacturing members as well. Exclusive sponsorships, product and service displays, and other promotional opportunities are available only to NEMA associate members.


NEMA associate members receive discounts on a range of products and services. Associate members receive a five percent discount on display advertisements in electroindustry and in NEMA’s Electrical Standards and Product Guide. NEMA associate members receive preferential pricing on NEMA/BIS services.

For more information, please email Christine Shattuck.


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