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I Am NEMA | Tim McClintock

Midwest Field Representative​, NEMA

Electrical equipment and products play a key  role in public safety to ensure the places we live; work and play are free of electrical hazards.

NEMA is committed to safe electrical installations and products wherever electrical power is used, and I am excited to be the association’s new Midwest Field Representative supporting those objectives.

My role as a NEMA Field Representative includes providing support for the adoption and proper application of the National Electrical Code® (NEC®) and any other matters impacting the electroindustry in my 17-state region.

Before joining NEMA, I worked in NFPA's Regional Operations as a Regional Electrical Code Specialist providing support to state and local jurisdictions with the adoption and use of the NEC and other National Fire Protection Association electrical codes and Standards in a 26-state region that included the Midwest and Western states.

Prior to NFPA, I worked as an electrical inspector for the Building Department in Wayne County, Ohio, for 16 years. For the latter 14 years, I also served as the Chief Building Official, supervising the operations and personnel of the building department.

I began my career in the electrical industry back in 1985 as an electrician, which provided me with a great foundation in the electrical industry and hands-on experience with the installation and maintenance of all phases of electrical systems in commercial, industrial and residential occupancies. ei


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