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I Am NEMA Steve Griffith

Industry Director, NEMA Transportation Systems Division

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend in traffic? Living in the

Washington, D.C., metro area, I can personally attest to the amount of time Americans spend stuck in traffic. Before I embarked on my career at NEMA, I often spent around three hours commuting each weekday from my home in Alexandria, Va., out to the Dulles Airport area and then back again. Needless to say, I was tired, frustrated, and sometimes quite angry.

When the time came to sell our house and find a new location, my wife and I thoughtfully considered the transportation impacts. She was working in Washington, D.C., so mass transit needed to be accessible, and I needed to cut down on my daily commute, so we settled on a location in Falls Church. Eventually I resigned from my job out near the Dulles Airport and began working for NEMA, allowing me the opportunity to take mass transit as well. I now enjoy a 30-minute metro commute and a five-minute leisurely walk to the NEMA office.

Transportation is important in any economy. It facilitates trade, exchange, and travel. The transportation ecosystem is transforming, heading toward a future that is increasingly connected, electrified, shared, and ultimately autonomous. A key component of that ecosystem is its corresponding infrastructure—an area that NEMA and its Members specialize in.

The mission of the NEMA Transportation Systems Division is to promote the tools and infrastructure associated with the movement of people and/or goods from "point A" to "point B" in safe, cybersecure, and efficient ways. As the Division's Industry Director, I am "driven" in my commitment to grow the division, finding new opportunities for NEMA and its Member companies.


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